The Band

Carsten Altena

Top Gun stunt guitars, epic orchestration, 
8-bit sampling, vintage synths, sequencing & vegan supremacism. Not fond of cheese. Can do that weird lip-teeth thing.

Michiel Dekker

5 fretted & 2-string guitars, 
singer-songwriter & guilty of being white. Likes cats. #Snowflake. Hates playing guitar. Favourite food: broodje zooitje.

Robin Kok

Doctoring, gross grunts,
 subversive verses, fretless foibles and vogon negativism. Has a doctorate but generally thick as a brick. DON’T let him use your toilet.

Frank Schilperoort

Drum$, infinit€ touring, p€rcussion & hir€d gun. Heckler. Always smiling, which is suspicious. Has Spanish ancestry, but won’t say where he is on That Catalonia Thing.

Past members

  • Martijn Moes
    Guitars 2002 – 2011
  • Sjoerd Visch
    Battery, piledrivers and preternatural serenity 2002 – 2015
  • Ivo Hilgenkamp
    Conjuror of the New and Unknown 2011 – 2015



…Super secret!


V1 – Versvs (Hammerheart Records)

Formats: CD, 12″ vinyl (HHR2017-17), Streaming


Bloodcvlts (Season of Mist)

Formats: CD (SOM 348D), Streaming


Obliteration of the Despised + Live from the Ruptured Continent (Hammerheart Records)

Formats: 12″ Vinyl (HHR2014-18), Streaming

The Disaster Tapes 2006-2012 (self-released)

Formats: MC (included with vinyl box set), Streaming


Tetragrammaton (Season of Mist)

Formats: CD (SOM 294), double-LP reissue in 2014 (Hammerheart Records, HHR2014-017), Streaming


The White Crematorium 2.0 (The Revenge of the Failed)

Formats: CD (twilight 784-1613), Digipak (Epitomite productions EP-10-019).


Trivmvirate (Twilight Vertrieb)

Formats: CD (twilight 784-1206), double-LP reissue in 2014 (Hammerheart Records, HHR2014-16), CD Deluxe annotated edition in 2016 (Off The Record, ORTL007), Streaming


The White Crematorium (Karmageddon Media)

Formats: CD (KARMA075), Streaming


The Apotheosis (Cold Blood Industries)

Formats: CD (CBI0303), Streaming


Obliteration of the Despised (self-released)

Formats: CD-R, Streaming (as 2014 re-issue)