The Monolith Deathcult

New album “Vernedering” released (14 May 2021)

The final chapter of our trilogy is released! Listen to it on Spotify or other digital channels such as Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music and more. Get a physical copy as CD or vinyl at our webshop.

New single and music video (4 February 2021)

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Today we are releasing ‘Gone Sour, Doomed’, the final single of the (already critically despised) “V3-Vernedering”, planned for May 2021. The follow-up to the sub-zero doom drone “The White Silence” is the musical equivalent of “Old Painless”, a stunning exercise in astonishing musical wrong-headedness. Illogical, tension-free, and filled with colossal cut-rate Pro Tools editing.

Despite its lush production and attractive leads, ‘Gone Sour, Doomed’ is as ridiculous as its predecessor, and lacks the ghoulishness and unintentional laughs that might make it a guilty pleasure. Our gloomy cinematic ambitions are roundly thwarted by a derivative story, misguided casting, and a low-budget feel underscored by unimpressive set pieces.

This is the fist in the face of those who thought we had become ‘soft’ and ‘radio-friendly’. ‘Gone Sour, Doomed’ is a ruthless blast beat salvo hounded by bitter gritty D-beats and an irresistible groove that will bring the juvenile arenas to a manic boiling scenery.

New single and music video (2 October 2020)

Listen digitally on Spotify and more, or order as a 7″ vinyl split with Dutch Doom band Demon Lodge.

Our latest single (15 May 2020)

Also available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and many more.

Connect the Goddamn Dots (15 November 2019)

Also available digitally on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal and many more.

Out latest full album: Vergelding

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About The Monolith Deathcult

The Monolith Deathcult holds the conviction that death metal has reached a ceiling in terms of speed. This is why The Monolith Deathcult has decided to broaden the genre by inserting previously ‘not done’ elements into the style, adding to the brutality and speed.

They don’t make artist-centred music and won’t gorge on technicalities only trained ears will hear and appreciate, see the audience banging their heads on the primeval forces of the pounding 4/4 beat and have set themselves the goal to broaden their extreme (death) metal with influences from techno/dance and industrial music, completed with Wagnerian classical pomposity.

All this is topped with an image of irony, black humour and bad taste, in combination with a morbid fascination for everything that is ‘wrong’.

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